Understanding Cellular Sites

Cell sites, often called cell towers, are commonly used by law enforcement to put defendants in a specific area. This can be extremely helpful or detrimental; regardless the site information is subject to interpretation. Above and beyond....

Your Freedom

It’s imperative to remember your freedom is the most important aspect of your life, ask anyone who has lost it. “Understanding” your rights is great, but know them and demand them. In a case where you feel your legal representative is not doing enough for you, tell them. If you need an expert to assist in your case, you have the right to get one appointed and paid for by the court. This should always be an option. There are guidelines to ensure your attorney is working for your benefit, and if you truly believe they are not, there are remedies such as “Marsden Hearing.” This is your opportunity to speak directly to a Judge if you feel your attorney is not caring for your best interest.

A Dangerous Misconception

Is that the police will investigate a case to determine the [actual] perpetrator of a crime. It is not unusual for the police to “target” a person and pursue them at all costs. Sadly, it is untrue that all persons arrested are guilty, and in fact, there is no law that requires law enforcement to prove your innocence.

Having been the lead investigator for people like Michael Jackson, acquitted of child molestation allegations; Robert Blake, acquitted of murder; Lois Goodman, charges of murder dismissed; and the LAPD Rampart officers, charged with creating false police reports.

In all of these very public cases, the Defendants were ultimately determined to be not guilty or the charges were absolutely false. The LAPD Rampart case was so egregious the four officers collected over 25 million dollars in damages from the City of Los Angeles.

All of these people were arrested; charged with major crimes; spend time in jail and had their lives turned inside out. Though exonerated, or as much as they were going to be, each of them still; live with the stigma attached.

Choosing an Investigator

Your attorney, as well as their investigator, is one of the most important decisions you will have to make, all the while staving off the emotional fear of that person in custody. There are attorneys that advertise on the internet, solicit through bail bondsmen and make promises that are unrealistic and blatantly false, telling you absolutely anything to get your money. And it’s a vulnerable position to be in, because you really have no way of knowing who is telling you the truth or just want you want to hear. Take the time to ask around, ask questions, don’t panic and don’t be pressured.

My email and cell phone contact are included in this website. Personally, I’d prefer you call and ask me directly. I only do not answer calls or texts when I am unable. Regardless of your choice, please make sure you find people to help your situation who really know what they are doing.