About Scott

Scott Ross is known as one of California’s top private investigators. He was raised in San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, where he attended Los Angeles Valley College and Loyola Marymount University. Hired in 1979 by retired U.S. Marshall, Angelo “Chick” Canzoneri, Scott was licensed in May 1983. In June 1986, Scott partnered with retired FBI Special Agent in Charge Ted Gunderson, and began working on cases like the McMarten Pre-School child molestation case and the re-investigation of the Robert Kennedy assassination for Geraldo Rivera’s 25th Anniversary Special of Senator Kennedy’s death.

My History

I began working with nationally renowned criminal attorney Harland Braun and assumed the role as lead investigator for the “LAPD Rampart Scandal.” A group of LAPD officers charged with corruption and later credited with the reversal of their conviction.

I was the lead investigator with Mr. Braun in actor Robert Blake’s murder case and stayed with Thomas Mesereau when he took over. I went on with Mr. Mesereau as lead investigator for the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson’s trial in Santa Maria, California, resulting in Jackson’s acquittal. I was credited with the dismissal of US Tennis referee, Lois Goodman in the “Coffee Cup” murder case; and joining forces again with Tom Mesereau in the Bill Cosby trial in Pennsylvania.

In June 2005, I became the in-house investigator for Geragos & Geragos and was involved in the dismissal of the Scott Peterson civil matter as well as working on the appeal. I have has participated, in some capacity, in the defense investigation of over 200 murder or attempted murder cases in the past 40 plus years.

My 2008 Introduction To Cell Towers

While in the middle of a murder case in Palo Alto, California, the attorneys and I decided a cellular site expert was required. When it was determined there were no resources, I learned about cell towers and cell sites. As time advanced, I also found the use and abuse of this information has played a more significant role in many of my cases. In 2010, with the passing of federal directives that all cell phones have GPS capability, the significance of cell information has become more important than ever. After several years, I was recognized by the State of California Superior Court as an expert and have (since) done cellular analysis in twelve different states and testified in both California and Missouri. I have even assisted law enforcement in cell site interpretation.

In April 2016, I did a cell tower analysis for KM, sentenced to 25 years for armed robbery in Michigan, was released and found to be factually innocent based on his cell records. Not only was KM released from prison, but a full exoneration of all charges in July 2016 and civil damages were awarded to him from the State of Michigan.

Of little known fact; In 2018, over 10,000 criminal cases pulled for review in the Country of Denmark because of the [now] understanding of the potential flaw in using cell sites as a forensic tool. As of 2020, 32 people have been released from prison.

Featuring on TV

Scott has appeared on television doing expert commentary for CNN, MSN, MSNBC, NBC and CBS; with appearances on Catherine Crier Live and Donnie Deutsch Live.

He has been featured on shows such as 48 Hours; American Justice; Celebrity Justice; and in the documentary, “Why did Michael Jackson Win.” He has consulted for the CBS series, “Shark” and ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Scott has spoken at UCLA, Cal Lutheran University, Simon Wiesenthal Temple, UCLA Law School, Pepperdine Law School.

He was the featured speaker at conventions for both the California Licensed Association of Investigators and the National Nursing Board Investigator’s Conference and has been profiled in newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times; Los Angeles Daily Journal and Daily Breeze.